About Us 

About Us

The Cohub Journey

When we started PT Cohub Indonesia Jaya in 2018, we wanted to build more than beautiful, shared office spaces, and interior and architecture gallery.

We wanted to create a community that promotes the AEC industry while empowering other sectors (business, entrepreneur, and many more). To do that, Cohub made into three branches, namely: Gallery, Coworking Space and Events.

We strive for Cohub to be a place where our friends, partners and community feels like home. A home where we can collaboration and innovation are born and nurtured.

Cohub's Founder and Partners Celebrating the Grand Opening of Cohub in Desember 2018

Our Vision & Mission

Nurturing Innovation

We strive to nurture creativity and ingenious minds to drive the creation of innovations that could change the world.

Community Collaboration

We continuously improve our workspaces to be the perfect space for collaboration, sharing and brainstorming new ideas.

Be Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are the force of the world’s economy. Thus, we endeavour to promote entrepreneurship to the mindset of people.

Knowledge to Everyone

We provide resources from ranging from AEC Industry (Reference Sample, Product Catalogue, and many more) to other sectors which are for our Community

Safe & Inclusive

We have a long-standing commitment ensuring that Cohub is safe, welcoming, and inclusive learning and working environments.

Play Fair, Play Nice

We aim to promote a high level of respect and integrity in all interactions while cultivating the desire to be the best individual we can be.

Our Brilliant Team

Cohub’s mission not only includes the tenants, businesses, partners and entrepreneurs that call us home but also our team.

We intend to grow and improve Cohub constantly, and we couldn’t achieve what we had without our dedicated team and partners.

2 Females Employees of Cohub Discussing in Front of a Laptop